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3D Scanning Applications

Artec 3D Scanners deliver 3D images of objects of any size and shape with great speed, which means they can be used for imaging of models and prototypes of the most complex objects, such as automobiles. The scanners function successfully in combination with modern CNC machines and provide an excellent complement to a 3D printer.

Reverse Engineering
Artec 3D Scanner makes the process of Reverse Engineering significantly easier. First, the scanner generates a 3D model of the part, then, it uses specialized applications (such as Geomagic, Rapidform etc) to generate a CAD model based on an existing polygonal grid.

Creating an ergonomically correct chair, keyboard or joystick can be done by researching the natural position of the body during a particular task.

Post-Trauma Care
The Artec 3D Scanner can help alleviate that pain for burn victims, by providing a perfect 3D scan of the patient’s face, for example. This will enable the medical professional to create a custom-fit mask to expedite the healing process without messy plaster moulds or the necessity to touch the sensitive, affected area of the body.

Orthopaedics and Prosthetics
Our 3D scanners are successfully used by orthopeds and prosthetists in order to generate accurate scans of body parts. This means they can produce highly accurate and perfectly fitted prostheses with minimum effort. The result is a significant decrease in cost and time spent on each job.

Restoration of interiors and entire buildings means reproducing missing features of the decor. This means obtaining exact 3D copies of features of sculpture, architecture, stucco ornaments or fragments of antique furniture.

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