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Did you know that food packaging accounts for a huge percentage of production costs? Some experts say that is over 40% of overall costs. That’s quite astronomical, especially for those within the food industry. KUKA Industrial Robots can be used in the whole food industry process chain to save you time and money. CNC Robotics are industry experts and we also collaborate with KUKA Robotics. Why not seriously consider what a KUKA Industrial Robot can do for your business?

Multiple Processes

There are so many processes involved in the food industry, including a vast array of products, endless packaging types, and different handling systems. These technical details involve a sophisticated solution – using KUKA Robots in food production. For example, they can be utilised to cut, sort, and pack products in the meat industry. They are equipped with accurate measuring systems and internal sensors, so that they can carry out technical procedures. What else can they do?

Robots for Food Packaging

KUKA Industrial Robots can accomplish an incredibly wide range of food packaging processes. For example, they can fold cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, cartons, plastic bags, sacks, and many more items. These systems can be used in palletising, food packaging, order picking, and so on. Once you let us know what you require, we will help you to select the most appropriate KUKA Industrial Robot. When you think of the number of employees that are traditionally used to carry out these functions, it makes sense to think carefully about the benefits and advantages of KUKA Robots.

Superior Overall Performance

You might employ well-trained operatives to carry out various processes within your food company. Regardless of how effective they are, they face some significant challenges. What about inaccuracies due to fatigue? Sometimes there are food contamination issues. When there is a shift change, this commonly results in some lack of productivity. Not so with the Industrial KUKA Robot. It never tires, it rarely needs downtime through maintenance, and it meets the most stringent standards of hygiene imaginable. The level of production is greatly increased, which is good for you and your business.

Versatile, Flexible Designs

What if you need to customise your KUKA Robot to perform unique, complex operations? No problem. After you have selected the right KUKA Robot, you can customise it, thanks to its superb versatility. We offer adaptable software solutions and flexible end-of-arm tooling devices to carry out a wide array of tasks.  This includes operations, such as lifting, gripping, in addition to other procedures. With our knowledge and expertise, we can ensure that your KUKA Robot can process the most challenging of tasks, to meet your company requirements.

We are convinced that installing one of our sophisticated KUKA Robots could be the best business decision that you have ever made. We offer an affordable payment solution so that more businesses can benefit from these marvels of engineering.

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