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The MetraSCAN-R series of optical CMM 3D scanners stand as an innovative robotized solution that can be integrated into factory automation projects and guarantee optimal dimensional measurement accuracy and speed, which translates into increased productivity and product quality.

Fast: Automated inspection and quality control of up to a few hundred parts per day, directly on the production line.

Versatile: The solution can be fully configured and programmed (inspection programs) to meet inspection automation projects requirements for parts of various sizes and shapes.

Highly-accurate measurements: Accuracy of up to 0.085 mm in real-life, shop floor conditions (no matter instability, vibrations, thermal variation, etc.). Accuracy of dimensional measurements is determined by the optical CMM scanner and is independent from the robot.

Automatic alignment: Instant and reliable alignment phase. Optical reflectors allow automatic detection of the part alignment.

Dynamic referencing: With the C-Track’s dynamic referencing mode, the coordinate system can be literally “locked” onto the part being measured, thus maintaining part alignment during the entire scanning process.

Self-calibration: fast calibration process using a certified gauge, which ensures constant accuracy during the MetraSCAN-R entire life cycle.

Continuous monitoring of parameters: Monitoring of parameters such as temperature and accuracy ensure constant device accuracy during entire useful life

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