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Have you ever worked in sub-zero temperatures, perhaps in a cold storage room? You know how hard it is to combat these harsh environments. If your employees work in freezing conditions, there are many complex challenges to productivity and there are also staff safety considerations too. Is there a fully automated system to carry out palletising procedures, that guarantees maximum productivity and is not affected by freezing temperatures? There is – the KUKA KR QUANTEC PA Arctic Robot. This amazing, sophisticated robot can do all of this and so much more. CNC Robotics are partners with KUKA and we have much specialist experience in providing robotic machining solutions. What can the KUKA KR QUANTEC PA Arctic Robot do for your business?

The World’s Most Chilled Out Robot

We believe that the KUKA KR QUANTEC PA Arctic Robot is the most chilled out robot in the world! Its handsome futuristic design is very appealing. It has a reach of over 3 metres, which is extensive and generous. The technology behind the versatility of the PA Artic Robot means that it can virtually turn in any direction. It never experiences cold temperatures and can operate effectively down to -30C. How many manual workers could function as effortlessly as the KUKA Robot in these unforgiving settings? You don’t have to worry about providing the correct PPE, the robot doesn’t need any protective suits. When set to work, you can relax in the knowledge that there will be no health and safety concerns.

High Levels of Productivity

This cold-resistant miracle robot is superb at palletising practically any load. It can be programmed to carry out precise stacking and setting down procedures. As employees are prone to tire when working in cold conditions, their accuracy and efficiency in these areas sometimes suffer. Not so with the KUKA KR QUANTEC PA Arctic Robot – its accuracy is metronomic and relentless. Robots don’t tire and can keep on performing hour after hour. Think how much this could benefit your business. The Arctic Robot is available in three different payloads: 120, 180 and 240 kg options. There are laws and regulations that govern how long an employee can work in freezing temperatures. What happens when there needs to be a new shift of workers? There is an inevitable loss of productivity. Not so with this robot. It just continues with its workload until the job is done.

Save Time, Save Money

There is a well-known saying that time is money. Who doesn’t want to save time and money? Everyone does. Whilst there will be an initial outlay of capital to purchase a KUKA KR QUANTEC PA Arctic Robot, the returns will make it more than worth your while. We offer financial packages for those with limited budgets and this allows you to spread your payments over a period of time, to suit your business needs. Once you have programmed your robot to carry out its task, you’ll be free to get on with other important matters.

You can find out more information about our KUKA Robots by contacting us on our website today.

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