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1-Click Robotic Milling ®

Generate tool-paths in less than a second, with visual feedback to make sure you can run the robot…

The IO robot software helps you create beautifully milled materials.

Stop clicking endlessly through windows forms.
And start creating tool-paths with 1-click:

  1. Built on Rhino3D – Proven CAD platform with over 500,000 users internationally.
  2. CAD linked to CAM – Changes to your design file dynamically update the manufacturing simulation.
  3. Interactive Timeline – colour coded visual feedback to make sure the robot will run first time.

Surfacing – Roughing – Pocketing

Drilling – Trimming – FLANK MILLING


Do you really want to pay over £20,000 for complex legacy software with features you don’t need?

Milling Features:

 1-Click tool-path generation.

  • Automatic undercut compensation.
  • Attractors to control Z-direction.
  • Rotate around the tool to find valid positions.
  • Lots of sample files and video tutorials.

General Features:

IO is a fully featured high quality robot simulation software, so all the features you would expect are included as standard:


What does the 1-Click button do?

    1. Select your mesh in Rhino, click the button in Grasshopper and the IO plug-in will automatically create the tool-paths. Easy!
  1. How do I change the mesh I am using for the tool-path?
    1. Just select another mesh and 1-Click, everything will update.
  2. How do I make sure the robot will run?
    1. The colours on the timeline will reduce as you adjust the tool-rotation slider, or if you find a better angle using the automatic attractor function. Maybe you need to move the part closer to the robot, or make it in two stages (e.g. front and back). Once the colours are gone, the robot will run!
  3. How do I adjust my milling settings?
    1. You can change your settings easily by double-clicking the Surfacing component to see the options for tool size, step-over, path tolerance etc. These are saved in the GH (Grasshopper) file, so you can copy them for projects or other users.
  4. How can I adjust the feed and speed?
    1. You can also adjust cutting feed by double clicking on the area called Surfacing in the Timeline. You still need to know what feeds and speeds are appropriate for you tool and material; that’s your responsibility.
  5. Why aren’t there endless tool-path options?
    1. Most robotic machining for soft materials e.g. foam, wood, plastic, carbon fibre don’t need advanced tool-paths. We have most of them covered.
  6. What will you do when you come and set-up the robot?
    1. We undertake the following steps to ensure offline-programming works as intended: Calibrate the tool length and the work-plane. Set-up the base-plane from the work-plane. Build basic simulations of your process. Test run the spindle and set the parameters for the tooling.
  7. How much training do I need?
    1. We provide 1 day, this is fine for most people. If you have a more complex problem to solve you can request extra one-on-one training – or you might consider asking us to provide a quote to help you create a custom CADCAM workflow that suits you.
  8. What if I want to make a process that no-one has ever thought of?
    1. The IO plug-in has an API or you can just use Grasshopper, both allow you to create sophisticated new features – for example, we created the RoboFold process using IO, as well as these Milling features, Spraying, 3D printing and more.
  9. Why do you use Rhino, why not other CAD software?
    1. Rhino and Grasshopper have a few unique reasons that make them a compelling platform. Rhino has been established over 10 years, and has over 500,000 users in a broad range of industries, from ship-building to jewellery and from dentistry to automotive. It’s really fast to learn
  10. What is Grasshopper?
    1. Grasshopper (GH) a visual programming plug-in for Rhino that allows for parametric design – you can build relationships between geometries to make complex designs – these relationships can also be linked to the tool-paths, so as your design gets more complex, the tool-paths can too. And if you update a design, the tool-path will update automatically. The GH community website has 20,000 members and over 2000 unique visits per day where questions are answered by other users – and these users have also developed over 100 plug-ins, which solve all sorts of problems.
  11. Where can I buy Rhino and Grasshopper?
    1. Download 90 day trials here and here or find your local reseller at In the UK you can contact SimplyRhino at or by phone: 0845 601 5670.
  12. I want to learn Rhino and Grasshopper, so I can use them as my regular CAD software – do you offer training?
    1. There are many on-line and local training sessions for both Rhino and Grasshopper. We work closely with SimplyRhino, the UK’s largest Rhino reseller, who can offer you relevant training for both platforms in their certified training centre in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton and Glasgow. Find them at or call them at: 0845 601 5670
  13. Can I download a PDF with training material so I don’t forget the training session?
    1. Yes, we offer PDF guides to take you step-by-step through the general use of IO and the specific milling process.


WARNING: Robots can pose a potential risk to your safety, seek professional advice before using robots.


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