Bespoke robotic machining solutions


A bespoke automated system will transform your business.
It will save you both time and money. This is where our expertise lies. An award-winning team and a world class leader in designing bespoke solutions. We specialise in making the impossible possible!

We develop automated systems to meet the exact requirements of clients that perfectly suit their business needs.
We are experts in creating solutions for any size of company, from small changes in existing production lines to implementing a complex fully automated system across a large factory – we have the skills, capability and expertise to support client needs.

We create bespoke solutions for:

Developing new automated processes
for sectors struggling to find skilled labour.

Creating solutions that take away repetitive or dangerous
work, staff are redeployed to more skilled areas.

Creating a competitive edge for clients
competing in a global market.

Creating efficiencies and increasing
overall productivity.

How do we do it?

We undertake a review and feasibility study to establish how automation can help your business. We look at your current processes and what you want to achieve and discuss ways to increase productivity and efficiencies.

Project delivery

Our highly qualified team will then design a robotic system to suit your specific requirements. By acting as your external R&D team, we solve production challenges and often invent new processes for your output. This strategic, collaborative approach is what makes us the UK’s market leader in bespoke automation solutions.

Projects are never the same - there is no “one size fits all”, so if you have a
production challenge that you would like discuss, please contact us today.
0151 523 8009
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