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Industrial robots are ideal for many machining processes, including milling, trimming, drilling, deburring, polishing and grinding. Waterjet and laser-cutting processes can also be performed by robots.

Their flexibility and adaptability make them ideal alternatives to traditional CNC machines. Industrial robots can be used to machine metal, wood, plastics, foam and aluminium.

Machining with robots saves time by making manufacturing processes more efficient and consistent, while also improving quality through precision and reliability.

Robot accuracy has also improved tremendously. For example, a KUKA KR210 robot with the repeatability of 100 μm can be calibrated to an accuracy of up to 200 μm.




We create bespoke solutions for:

Developing new automated processes
for sectors struggling to find skilled labour.

Creating solutions that take away repetitive or dangerous
work, staff are redeployed to more skilled areas.

Creating a competitive edge for clients
competing in a global market.

Creating efficiencies and increasing
overall productivity.

How do we do it?

CNC Robotics have been providing innovative machining solutions for many years. Our focus has been to improve productivity by devising tailored solutions for each and every client. This is only achieved by truly listening to our clients’ needs and helping them to achieve outstanding results, no matter what their machining process.


We offer robotic solutions for any kind of machining that our clients perform.

Project delivery

Our highly qualified team will then design a robotic system to suit your specific requirements. By acting as your external R&D team, we solve production challenges and often invent new processes for your output. This strategic, collaborative approach is what makes us the UK’s market leader in bespoke automation solutions.

Projects are never the same - there is no “one size fits all”, so if you have a
production challenge that you would like discuss, please contact us today.
0151 523 8009
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