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Is there a more versatile, high-quality robot than the KUKA Robots? We don’t think so. German engineering and technology is highly respected around the world – that’s why we only partner premier manufacturers and businesses. CNC Robotics are leading experts in the field of robotics and KUKA Robots are the ultimate expression of sophistication and efficiency. Whether you are looking for procedures such as milling, waterjet cutting, palletising, drilling and other precise processes, KUKA Robots are perfect for you. What is it about these robots that make them so indispensable and how can you benefit from having a KUKA Robot?

Peerless German Technology

Germany has an enviable history related to technology and science. You only have to consider how many German Nobel Prize winners they have produced. KUKA Robots are German built and continue the tradition of excellence. These systems are built to last and to perform at the highest level imaginable. You can be assured that every component part of your KUKA Robot is premium quality. With our experience and our partner’s expertise, we believe that we can provide a robotic solution for your business.

Benefits of KUKA Robots – Low maintenance

One of the many benefits of the KUKA Robot is that they have low maintenance requirements. How long can you expect one of these robots to operate between service intervals? Your system will run for around 20,000 hours of uninterrupted performance. This represents the longest maintenance interval on the market – truly unbeatable value. If you stop to think about how much your business could accomplish in this amount of time, you can begin to see why these robots are one of the front-runners, in the robotics industry.

Versatility and Availability

Whatever operation that you require, there is a KUKA Robot for you. These can be adapted to endless uses, including wielding, fastening, cutting, handling, and many more applications. Do you have to change your robot for different uses? No. The KUKA robots can be individually adapted by using multiple arm extensions. This versatility is invaluable for your business requirements and allows you to get amazing value for your money.

Accuracy of Application

When you hear the word accuracy, what comes to your mind? Certainly, not to the nearest eighth of an inch. KUKA Robots are capable of laser precision time and time again, which is virtually impossible for humans. By precision, we mean to a fraction of a millimetre, especially in laser applications or in the gauging of components. The repeatability of this precision can virtually go on forever.

Confined Areas

Sometimes you may require that the KUKA Robot is situated in a confined space. How can we overcome this challenge? The efficient design and streamlined contours means that it takes up little space, whilst carrying out a huge amount of work. That’s getting the best of both worlds. In addition to this, the KUKA Robots look good and will complement any environment.

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