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With the science fiction futures of automated workforces now no longer a far-off dream, it often brings with it fears of job loss. But many well-known companies have already begun using the likes of Kuka Industrial Robots to work alongside and in harmony with their human employees. Ford are one such business, having implemented Kuka Robots to work as co-bots within the assembly line, fitting heavy shock absorbers onto the Ford Fiesta model cars. Here are two myths regarding the robot-human relationship – debunked.

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Robots could be dangerous to the human workforce

Though large industrial robots, which lift huge, potentially bone crushing objects, of course, bring an edge of danger, this is usually reduced by keeping them in guarded cages away from the human workforce. And companies like Microsoft are helping make them even safer. Kuka Robotics joined forces with Microsoft to create a dishwasher making robot, that uses the Microsoft Kinect technology to detect the presence of people in its vicinity and therefore slows down or stops its movement to ensure there is no risk to human workers.

Robots are hard to work with

The biggest issue facing the use of robots in workplaces is that some people don’t know how to use computers or send a tweet on their phone, so working alongside a robot can be a daunting idea. But the reason robots such as the Kuka Industrial Robots have been brought into the workplace is to compliment and help the human workforce, from making the workplace safer to increasing overall business efficiency.

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