Complete Composites are Ireland’s largest advanced manufacturer of tooling, mould, parts and prototypes with a specialist expertise in the Renewable sector. They have manufactured several prototypes of wind turbine blades and cleantech products to generate renewable power.


Complete Composites (then Global Green) had received significant funding and were looking to invest in new technology, so that parts could be produced at a higher quality and consistency and produced at a competitive price. The company wanted to position itself as a European manufacturing leader and were seeking a competitive solution to machine large wind turbine parts and composites with the main aim to reduce the reliance upon manual processes which were labour intensive.


The 7-axis KUKA robotic arm has a large envelope of 7 × 3 × 3 metres, allowing for the manufacture of large complex pieces to tight tolerances of +/- .05 mm. This specifically designed trimming, milling and drilling robot incorporates 3D printing capability which allows Complete Composites to undertake a variety of client demands and lead in the prototyping filed. This ability means they can make one-off pieces economically and test products before full scale production.


Complete Composites are the only composite manufacturer in Ireland using a 7-axis CNC KUKA Robotic arm capable of manufacturing large complex tooling and high speed trimming of composite parts. This gives them a huge competitive edge and ability to undertake full production tooling, taking designs from 3D CAD stage to full production with ease. The investment into automated manufacturing processes has ensured the delivery of high accuracy parts and products with reduce lead times.

“In order for us to be a major European player, we need to change with the market and invest in new technology.”

Sara Kilien     Complete Composites

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