C Truk


CTruk design and build composite vessels and workboats for the offshore sector. Their specialism is making famously tough boats which are significantly lighter, meaning they burn far less fuel than aluminium vessels of a similar size. They take a modular approach to construction with the aim to produce versatile and cost effective solutions for their customers.


CTruk is the only UK based company specialising in composite vessels for marine and wind farm sectors. They focus on pioneering resin techniques to reduce the weight by up to 40%, meaning greater payload, range and speed. These composite craft are more cost effective and CTruk were looking at ways to increase automation within their manufacturing process, they were looking to remove manual processes and to increase output due to the demand for their products.


We undertook an analysis of the CTruk processes and designed a bespoke trimming and milling robotic solution that consisted of a 6-axis robotic arm and track, thereby allowing CTruk to increase output with more accuracy and consistency.


By introducing new elements of automation into their production process, CTruk have increased capability and outputs. Their highly experienced team have adopted this latest technology to reinforce their position as sector leaders and they are looking to increase and diversify into wider markets.

“We listened carefully to the needs of CTruk and produced a solution that fitted their specific requirements; as a progressive and forward thinking manufacturer they wanted to ensure they remained at the forefront of technology to reinforce their position as market leaders. Our experienced team developed a bespoke system that would reflect their ethos of cutting edge technology and delivered on the key priorities of productivity and safety improvement.”

Jason Barker     CNC Robotics

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