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JH May are well-established model making and prototype experts. They combine nearly 100 years experience with latest techniques and technologies to create models for some of the world’s best-known brands. They are experts at producing large scale props and models, which are often used at exhibitions, events and for experiential marketing purposes. Artwork fabrication is another of their key services, working with major artists and sculptors to advise on production issues to realise their vision.


JH May wanted to increase their portfolio and ability to service demands from worldwide clients, particularly in the museum, promotional, exhibition and architectural sector with large-scale display models. JH May’s purpose-built factory in Essex was looking to invest in additional machines to increase output and wanted to find a solution that could complement existing routers and other traditional machining tools and cutters.


CNC Robotics provided a robot that would allow JH May to expand further into the display model arena. The robot has 7 axis of motion, allowing any shape to be machined from a fixed position. This is both a fast and relatively simple process, without needing to move the model around on the machine, which can cause unseemly join lines in the finished product.

The additional installation of a rotational table allows the robot to assist with every phase of the modelling process from roughing through to finishing.


The accuracy of the robot, particularly when cutting soft materials such as polystyrene, wood and resin in model making, has increased productivity for the business. The robotic system with a maneuverable, programmable arm allows material to be milled into a wide range of complex shapes and can be used for large scale sculptures, carving bas-reliefs and architectural components.

The introduction of a robot, rotational table and 3D scanner has allowed the company’s highly skilled model makers and designers to produce greater output. The design team are benefiting from the flexibility and quick and easy set up that the system provides.

“The level of detail captured by the scanner and milled by the robot is simply stunning, and we are delighted to have been a part of JH May’s continued growth in their specialist sector.”

Jason Barker     CNC Robotics

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