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Paragon Creative is one of the world’s leading design development and build companies offering an impressive range of integrated services. They have earned the reputation as a world-class scenic, theming, model making, interactive and specialist fit-out facility. They work globally for museums, heritage centres, aquariums, design agencies, architects, science centres, theme parks, nightclubs, bars, corporations, advertising agencies, television and film production companies, theatres, leisure centres, visitor attractions and for retail.


As one of the world’s leading creative design and build companies, Paragon had earned a reputation for providing some of the best of its kind solutions. They had been working with smaller machine tools and the demand from their clients was for bigger set pieces.


CNC Robotics worked with the team at Paragon to create a solution that was bespoke to them. CNC Robotics installed a state of the art 7-axis robot system on a linear track to allow Paragon to sculpt larger objects. The installation of a 3D Artec scanner also allows the team to scan miniature or life size objects and then scale to any size their clients required. The 8-axis robot, which includes a 5 m track and a rotary table that is capable of carving in a variety of materials including polystyrene, high density foams and wood which allows for detailed and precision machining of large-scale forms.


The new robotic system has helped transform their York facility by combining their traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology, allowing Paragon to create extraordinary products for their clients. In addition, as one of the first of its kind in the region, it has allowed Paragon to offer services to a wider range of clients and sets it apart from its competitors in its ability to cope with large scale demands.

“This new robotic system allows our team to create 3D objects using the most advanced technology available to artists. Our team can use this robot along with the scanners to machine and 3D cut works with no limit on their imaginations, allowing them to create larger than life sculptures and shapes in a fraction of the time.”

John Dobson     Paragon Creative

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