Vitmar Yachts


Vitmar Yachts (now Suprema Marine) build high-quality, yet affordable sport boats serving the global market. Founded by a core team of leading yacht-building specialists dedicated to quality, innovation and technological superiority.


Vitmar yachts are built to super yachts standards and with exceptional design, Italian flair and hand built interiors. Vitmar have introduced a hyper-efficient system that combined extensive design planning with innovated construction techniques. To reduce the time for boat delivery, they create modular solutions for the base elements of the boat and were searching for a technological solution to help them keep base costs to a minimum.


CNC Robotics provided Vitmar with a robotic system to aid plug manufacturing and allow model making for each boat. The robot allows for the trimming of composites, plastic material and carbon, meaning all trimming operations on the product can be undertaken with accuracy and speed.

The 7-axis robotic system aids precision, agility, higher levels of repeatability and helps fabricate custom fittings on the carbon base in turn allowing for superbly engineered details.


Borrowing from the automotive industry, Vitmar’s approach to using robotics to automate specific tasks in boat building, such as the application of gelcoats to fiberglass hulls and decks allows them to produce an affordable yet high quality yacht. Beyond the benefits of time saving and ensuring consistent quality, the introduction of this robotic system frees up the Vitmar team from the messiest steps in the production process to focus instead on the hand finished interior details that they are renowned for.

“Vitmar differ from most boat manufacturers by embracing robotics undertaking some of the laborious tasks, allowing the highly skilled staff to focus on getting the interior details to be exquisite”

Jason Barker     CNC Robotics

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