HITECO Spindles – High-tech components for machine tool manufacturers

CNC Robotics is the UK distributor for HITECO – a leading provider of electromechanical components

HITECO spindles – HITECO specialises in the design and manufacture of high-technology industrial electromechanical components for machine tools, such as ATC electro spindles, MTC electro spindles, tool changers, rotary heads, boring units and aggregates.

The spindle is the heart of every machine. It is not only the most stressed element but also delicate. For its development, deep technical and practical knowledge is required. The Hiteco technicians built the first high-speed spindle as early as 1968 and 9 years later they began the production of high-frequency spindles.

Hiteco offers a wide range of electrospindles covering capacities from 4 to 42 kW, rotation speeds from 1,000 to 40,000 RPM with manual or automatic tool holders like ISO or HSK. The spindles can be cooled by air or with liquid and can have different types of attachments with tapered brackets, cylindrical body or flange.

Have a look at the Hiteco wide range of spindles ideal for industrial robots

Discover the best spindle solution for your robot according to: application, machining, power and weight!

HITECO Spindle Motors for CNC Routers and Robots

HITECO Electrospindles are commonly used on industrial 3 and 5 axis CNC routers in wood, plastic, advanced materials, glass, stone and also metal industries.

Lead Time and Availability

Lead time for HITECO components are made to order. Availability can vary from 8-14 weeks minimum. We recommend keeping a spare CNC spindle motor on the shelf to avoid costly downtime. We can help source these for all existing and new clients.

Keep production moving

As a business, we know how important it is to keep production moving. If you are looking for HITECO spindles or electromechanical components, contact our office or email [email protected], and a member of our sales team will get in touch.

Electrospindles ATC

Electrospindles MTC

IM Smart Sensor

Birotary Units

Aggregate Units

Boring Units

Tool Changers


Multitech XS

Due to robot payload and process forces, small robots require small spindles, this is where the XS is the perfect choice for those small robot machining applications. The 235 mm long compact body has manual toolchanging ER 25 collet included in its overall length while still giving high spindle speeds. A good application for a spindle this small would be carbon fibre trimming, especially when considering those tight/difficult to reach areas.

Powertech 200

This mid-range spindle is ideally suited to those who machine low/medium density materials, such as PU, polystyrene, tooling board, wood etc. Automatic toolchanging as standard with HSK63F toolholders and options of fan or forced air-cooled. This spindle certainly packs a punch for its size and sits perfectly on our mid-size range of robots.

Powertech 400

If harder material and larger robot machining is your thing then look no further than the Powertech 400. Definitely not for the faint-hearted and is just as happy ripping through a hard tooling board as well as softer foams. HSK63F standard toolchanging with a vast range of optional extras such as power ratings up to 15 kW, liquid cooling, optional C axis, encoder, vibration sensor, etc.

Robotech QM

Heavy duty and demanding machining applications require a spindle with extra power and torque. The Robotech QM series certainly delivers both, delivering power ratings up to 30 kW and torque at 55 NM means easy sailing when this spindle needs to machine hard materials such as aluminium, stone, etc. Additional options include, speed monitoring, Oil Mist/MQL tool lubricant.

Tool Changer 16 tools

Hiteco tool changers are available from 6 to 24 positions in the Base or Plus version for ISO30 or HSK.


Additional components can be added to an existing spindle and are specifically designed to offer maximum precision and reliability.

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