Pioneering the use of industrial robots as an alternative to CNC machines

CNC Robotics have been providing cost-effective machining solutions for over 10 years. A CNC Robotic system offers manufacturers a competitive advantage over and above a traditional CNC machine. The head of a CNC industrial robot is rotational and therefore able to point in the direction it needs to go making a CNC Robotics system more agile and flexible than a CNC machine. 

Many of the robotic machining systems designed and manufactured by CNC Robotics are used to manufacture large components. The industrial robot can also be mounted onto a linear track for increased flexibility this set up is not unusual in today’s fast-moving automation environment and offers even more advantages over a traditional CNC machine.

The combination of an industrial robot and software enables manufactures to create toolpaths directly from CAD models, together with options to simulate and optimise the program on the computer, therefore reducing set up time. These options help to ensure that the industrial robot will operate efficiently and safely whilst giving the desired productivity across all types of manufacturing.

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