CNC Robotics to demonstrate machining
with robots on KUKA stand at MACH


CNC Robotics will demonstrate its latest developments in machining with robots on the KUKA Robotics stand, number 17-100, at the MACH manufacturing exhibition to be held at the NEC, Birmingham, from 20th to 24th April.

The demonstration will show a variety of finishing operations, including trimming, drilling and surface finishing with a robot, on a 3D-printed orthopaedic prosthetic from US manufacturer, Filament Innovations.  It will form part of KUKA’s collaborative theme for the stand, ‘The future of automated manufacturing’, and will run alongside demonstrations of DesignPro’s compact modular system MultiTend (MT-4), KUKA’s new-to-market Iontec industrial robot and KUKA’s advanced friction welding solutions.

Machining with robots is becoming an increasingly popular option for the manufacture of complex items across a wide range of materials and applications. CNC Robotics has frequently been able to provide a more cost-effective machining solution than traditional machine tools, especially when producing larger parts in plastic, foam, composites and softer metals.

In addition, systems developed by the company have been used to replace many hand-finishing tasks, where robots can provide a faster and more consistent approach than manual operations. Robotics are particularly cost-effective in the type of demonstration to be shown at MACH, when a single robot can be used for multiple operations that might otherwise require several different pieces of equipment.

To meet the growing demand for it systems and expertise in the technology, the company has taken on more staff and added a second unit at its Liverpool base to provide a dedicated area for its innovative R&D work.

While 3D printing offers many advantages in the production of bespoke items, such as prosthetics and other medical devices, in many cases further operations are needed on the printed parts to produce the finished articles to the required accuracy. While machine tools are typically used for these operations, the CNC Robotics demonstration at MACH will show how robots can also be used to complete 3D printed parts.

Jason Barker, Chief Technical Officer at CNC Robotics, has used KUKA robots for the majority of his manufacturing installations since founding the company almost ten years ago. He explained that the KUKA equipment offers the higher quality needed for machining applications, in particular, the rigidity in the robot essential to give the accuracy required when machining. Jason also praised the standard of support provided by KUKA on a global basis, which is particularly valued by his international customers.

KUKA holds CNC Robotics in similarly high regard for the levels of innovation and support it provides to its clients. KUKA recently introduced a more formal system for ranking its network of integrators and placed CNC Robotics at its highest level as a Platinum System Partner.

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