Big Bang Fair North West 2018


Following the success of the goalie robot challenge at the Autodesk University in June, the bot is now on a UK tour.

We were delighted to attend the BIG BANG North West fair held in Liverpool on 10 July 2018 and taking the robot challenge with us.

The annual show aims to show young people the exciting and rewarding opportunities in the STEM environment and bring classroom learning to life with interactive exhibits. School children meet face to face with engineers and scientists from wide-ranging sectors to understand the career opportunities available.

#BBNW showcases what can be achieved in the technology and science subjects with a bit of passion, determination, ambition, and training. All the requirements needed to succeed in Robotics which is the most innovative growing sector in the UK.

Our goalie robot challenge, in partnership with Autodesk and KUKA,  is a fun way for children to test agility, speed, and accuracy – it was the battle of the next generation of robots vs the next generation of STEM experts.

The 2018 event was building upon the success of previous years and having launched our own Robotic Skills Academy are keen to work alongside local schools to instill a desire to learn new technologies from an early age.

Michelle Dow, Managing Director from All About STEM said “We are delighted to be working with CNC Robotics to inspire the next generation. It is so important to encourage young people by letting them experience the technology of today so we can help them become the makers and engineers of tomorrow.”

“Having the GoalieBot at Big Bang North West was a brilliant idea, it was such a fun way of showing young people real robotics in action. You couldn’t get near the stand for queues of kids (and teachers) – even the Metro Mayor had a go!”


“Today’s workplace is changing; I am committed to educating our next generation in using new technologies to ensure a brighter, better future for everyone.”

Madina Barker   CNC Robotics


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