LCR Cares COVID-19 Community Support Fund

CNC Robotics Ltd is an SME within the Liverpool City Region, and like most businesses throughout the UK and the world we will be and are being affected by the devastating impacts of the Coronavirus.

One thing the Coronavirus pandemic is teaching us is that generally it is the most vulnerable in society that will be affected the most, not just by the disease itself but by the financial implications of not being able to afford rent, bills, provisions and to look after their families.

We are proud to be part of the Liverpool City Region and proud that our wonderful team are predominantly all from the local area. We care deeply about the people in our region and feel that at this most difficult time, whether we as a business feel the pinch or not, we must do our upmost to support the community around us.

We have donated to the LCR Cares COVID-19 Community Support Fund and we would encourage other individuals and businesses in the region who may be able to support to donate. If you are in a different region, we would encourage you to find a local initiative or charity to support at this incredibly challenging time.

For more information on this vital fund please visit and make your donation.

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