CNC Robotics COVID 19 reflections

Like many other organisations in the world right now, we have been affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

As an SME in the manufacturing sector, we have changed our operating practices and have rigid protocols in place to protect our team members, customers and suppliers. Many of our team have been working from home since the Government announced the closure of schools to those who were not classed as key workers on March 18th.

During this unprecedented time, even though we speak to our team daily and ‘work’ has not stopped we were keen to reflect and understand how our team members are feeling and adapting to our new ‘virtual’ office, and this period in time.

We spoke with one of our Mechanical Design Engineer’s, Michele Pollastri who has worked at CNC Robotics since 2017.

“Before COVID-19 for the majority of jobs that we do we would say “I am going to work”. We would get the train, drive a car and physically take ourselves to our places of work, we would sit at the computer. Our thinking was somewhat rigid and we believed that this is the only way to create and invent.

Now that travel and human contact have been limited, we find ourselves in a condition where we have to work from home.

We have realised that it is still possible to communicate, but in a different ‘virtual’ way. We are more flexible in creating and developing new ideas. Our expression is now “I Work”. Work is not confined or limited to set hours or places.

Unlike in our open-plan office, now that we are restricted to working from home, we receive less input or suggestion from our colleagues, supervisors and managers. I feel that these circumstances and conditions have stimulated and encouraged our minds to come up with new and creative ideas.

Photo taken from Michele Pollastri home office in Liverpool.

Fewer interruptions due to the day to day workings of the office environment have had a positive effect on the way that we work. We have subconsciously reinvented the way we do things instead of following the same processes”.

COVID-19 has, and will, change the way that we ‘work’ forever. As an SME we have always thrived in the office and workshop environment, bouncing ideas around and coming up with solutions to customers manufacturing challenges. Working alongside our colleagues is a joy, that will no longer be taken for granted. This pandemic has taught us that as an organisation our team have risen to the challenge, we have continued to work regardless. We have adapted the working conditions to maintain the highest levels of safety, but our creativity, ingenuity and innovation have not been hindered in the slightest.

It seems this new way of working is actively promoting even more ‘out of the box’ ideas and inventive solutions.

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