Explore a collection of success stories that showcase how our expertise, creativity, and strategic thinking have made a tangible impact for our clients. Each case study provides insights into the unique problems we’ve tackled and the measurable results achieved. Discover a range of industries and applications, from prop designers, boat builders, creatives, model makers, manufacturers, universities, architects and more.

Millimetre is an award-winning design and fabrication company, established in 2006 and comprising 27 dedicated staff including expert designers, architects and fabricators.

Odyssey Studios has transformed itself from a traditional props maker to a global reaching, digitized company thanks to an automated M-series system from CNC Robotics and KUKA.

The installation of an S-series system supplied by CNC Robotics at ASCO Engineering means that the company can now offer a wider range of machining, coating and repair processes.

CNC Robotics worked with Design Ice to integrate a robotic system that could incorporate an electro spindle head for intricate design detail aswell as cutting large ice blocks.

A robot cell installed by CNC Robotics at Autodesk’s Advanced Design & Manufacturing Facility in Birmingham was used to manufacture part of the hull for a 3D-printed boat.

University of Liverpool's investment in a cutting-edge CNC Robotics system has provided a platform for inspiring and advancing the next generation of engineers.

Vitmar purchased a robotic machining system to aid plug manufacturing and allow model making for boats. The robot allows trimming of composites, plastic and carbon.

CNC Robotics developed a multi robotic cell to undertake braiding and machining in order to maximise the output due to consumer demand and interest.

A CNC Robotics system has supported the RCA’s production and innovation culture allowing students to undertake prototypes that they can present at their final show.

This significant saving allowed by Tecni-Form's new robot cell allowed them to produce the same quality as a standard machine tool, but at half the cost.

Carbolite Gero investment in a cnc robotic automation cell has allowed them to increase productivity as well as redeploy staff onto more skilled work.