BGI Supplies use three 7-axis robotic arms, with Hiteco spindles and integrated auto tool changers, for 3D pattern machining, moulding and 2D routing on a variety of materials. The typical process sees props machined, moulded, cast and then painted.

BGI Supplies have built 1:1 scale models for the likes of Netflix, Paramount, Universal, Marvel, Dreamworks, Disney + more.


BGI Supplies are one of the UK’s leading supplier of prop making, SFX, costume fabrication and set dressing to the film and entertainment industry. Experienced in all aspects of scenic construction, prop and model making, they are one of the best-known names in the field for specialist theatre, film and TV fabrication.

Working on some of the latest blockbuster films, BGI produce large-scale appearance props, models and sculpted forms. The demand for larger scale props with detailed specifications within tight deadlines meant that BGI Supplies needed to enhance their concept to completion service by introducing an automated solution.


As a prop making company, BGI need to work in a variety of materials from wood, plastic, fibreglass, polystyrene and metal. CNC Robotics installed three identical 7-axis robotic systems to support demand and to complement the existing onsite machine tools.

The 7-axis robotic systems can machine a wide variety of materials from polystyrene to high-density boards in conjunction with the CAD data to create large-scale models in a very short time frame. Its large size and separate turntable make it ideal for milling these larger props without the need to compromise on quality.


The installation of the two original robotic systems allowed BGI Supplies to deliver superb results for their clients, giving them great competitive advantage and putting them in an ideal position to cope with increasing demand.

The versatility of these robot systems means they are ideal to create pieces of set scenery at a fraction of the cost of traditional machine tools.

In Summer 2018, BGI Supplies installed a third robotic system from CNC Robotics to cope with client requests. Embedding automation within their workshop has allowed BGI Supplies to compete with large providers and remain competitive on price and turnaround while the implementation of a third robotic system has allowed the company to continue to grow.