Carbolite Gero is a leading manufacturer of high temperature furnaces and ovens with a focus on vacuum special atmosphere technology, as well as additive manufacturing and systems. With more than 80 years of experience in thermal engineering, their products are used in research laboratories, pilot plants and manufacturing sites worldwide.  In addition to standard products, Carbolite Gero is an expert in the development of customised equipment for complex heat treatment processes.

We developed a robotic cell with a turntable loading system. Operator safety and dust containment was paramount in the brief from Carbolite and we designed a system that would limit the egress of dust from the machine and contain the bulk to improve the overall manufacturing environment.  The benefit of embeding industrial robots is that they can perform laborious and repetitive tasks and work in hazardous environments.

The Carbolite Gero brand is synonymous with high quality. Carbolite Gero are leaders in their field and have an ethos of continuous improvement. Investing in a new robotic cell has allowed them to increase productivity as well as redeploy staff onto more skilled work; additional benefits have included creating a better working environment for their employees.




Chris Harrison    Carbolite-Gero