Videndum (formerly Vitec) designs, manufactures and distributes technically advanced products which give broadcasters, film studios, video production companies and independent content creators total confidence in the production equipment they depend upon to capture and share world class footage. 

For over 100 years, Vitec have developed a strong portfolio of brands for broadcasters, photographers and content creators for customers based across the globe. They design, manufacture and distribute high performance products including camera supports, mounted electronic accessories, robotic camera systems and noise reduction equipment to name a few.

Vitec’s strategy is to deliver growth, and their focus is on developing groundbreaking new products for a rapidly changing market. Vitec have developed a new tripod product that simplifies and accelerates camera operators’ ability with easy setup, versatile height range, and exceptional torsional stiffness. They were seeking a turnkey automated system to deliver a complex process of carbon fibre braiding, moulding and machining. They approached the experienced CNC Robotics team to work with their engineers to design a bespoke system

CNC Robotics developed a multi robotic cell, initially incorporating two robotic arms to undertake braiding and machining. The brief was modified during the project to realign the robotic cells exclusively on braiding and moulding in order to maximise the output due to consumer demand and interest.

The end result of this unique development is a highly automated, high volume composite manufacturing process, with a cycle time for each moulding of 2 minutes and a current annual production rate of 90000 components per year.

The demand for the new tripod product has meant the robotic cell was modified to maximise output. Phase 2 of the project is now in development to provide additional robotic cells to undertake the additional work flow. This has been because the quality, accuracy and demand for the the product has been so successful.