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Robotic integration in the building and construction industry

Modular housing is revolutionising the way we will live, the construction is simplifying the homebuilding process as components are produced in factories, shipped in sections to the site and built together by smaller crews, all of which could help solve the growing housing deficit with attractive, modern, energy efficient designs

Estimates suggest that off-site built modular homes take half the time of traditional house building, with fewer onsite accidents, consistent quality of build and less wastage due to the precision of robotic automation and therefore more environmentally friendly.

These are exciting times for the construction industry and robotics will play a huge part in shaping the direction of how we build homes in the future. We are delighted to be working with both large and small companies on new innovative products that challenge the normal home building methods, and helping clients who embrace robots and automation in their factories to be future proofing. While the modular market in the UK is slowly growing, other countries have it as core in their construction mix.

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