Consultation for industrial robots and automation

A bespoke automated system transforms businesses, it will also save both time and money. This is where our expertise lies as robotic integration consultants. We are an award-winning team and a world-class leader in designing bespoke solutions. Furthermore, we specialise in making the impossible, possible!

At CNC Robotics, our commitment to understanding your unique business needs enable us to craft bespoke automated systems that align perfectly with your requirements, ensuring a seamless integration into your operations.

Our bespoke robotic systems are not limited to standard applications. Whether you require an intricate assembly process, complex machining operations, or an additive manufacturing solution we have the expertise to make it happen. Our team thrives on challenges and specialises in making the impossible, possible.


Recently, we worked with The Virtual Engineering Centre (VEC) to explore Matterport scanning in our business to allow us to improve collaboration with our clients. This interview with Matt Butcher, from The VEC, and CNC Robotics managing director, Madina Barker, investigates the digital scanning technology.

Reduce the need
for multiple physical site visits

Enhanced understanding of client spaces

Digital collaboration and design review

Interactive Manufacturing Problem Solving

Scale your business

We understand that as your business grows and evolves, so too will your automation needs. Our flexible approach allows us to scale and adapt your robotic systems to keep up with changing demands. Whether you need to expand production capacity, introduce new product lines, or optimise workflow efficiency, our systems can be modified and upgraded to accommodate your evolving requirements. 

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