TRIAL our cutting edge robots to machine or 3d print your parts

Using robots increases the scope and possibilities of what can be achieved during the manufacturing process. To assess the technical and commercial feasibility of your manufacturing process, a trial can be set up at CNC Robotics facilities. During the trial we will investigate the robot, material and design of your requirements which will allow you to evaluate the benefits of our robotic systems.

See It in Action

Witnessing the robot in action, transforming your CAD design into a tangible product, is a game-changer. It’s the best way to understand the transformative power of robotics.

Real-Time Results

You’ll receive real-time results, so you can evaluate the quality and precision of the machined parts. You’ll see how our robots can elevate the standard of your manufacturing process. 


Discover how automation can potentially save you time and reduce operational costs. Witnessing the efficiency of our robots may just convince you to make a strategic investment. 

Expert Guidance

Our team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions and provide insights into how robotics can enhance your manufacturing capabilities. 


For the purpose of your trial, you are welcome to provide a sample of your preferred material, or alternatively, you may select from our range of tested materials. From high performance materials reinforced with carbon fibers to commodity materials reinforced with glass or natural fibers. We think it is vital to test these materials as each application has different requirements and therefore demands different material.

Trial our robot systems with carbon fibre, metal and other material parts

machining materials

Machining with robots is becoming an increasingly popular option for the manufacture of large, complex items across a wide range of materials and applications: Polymers, Wood, Foam, Polystyrene, and Composites

3d printing materials

3D printing allows for intricate designs and customization, the choice of material significantly influences the structural integrity and functionality of the printed object. Polymers, Metals and Airtech material range


Initial Enquiry

Reach out to us and express your interest in our robot trials program. You might have an idea of how robotics could benefit your manufacturing processes, or perhaps you're exploring the possibilities for the first time.


We'll take a close look at your specific requirements, considering factors like complexity, object size, and material selection. This analysis ensures that the Robot Trials are a good fit for your objectives.

Feasibility Assessment

Based on the analysis, we'll assess the feasibility of your project. If we determine that your requirements align with the capabilities of our robotic systems, we move on to the next step. It's all about ensuring that the trial can deliver the insights you're seeking.

Trial Confirmation

With the trial concept in place, we'll provide a quotation and costing for the trial with both parties in agreement.

CAD File Submission

Before the trial begins, you'll provide us with your CAD file, detailing the part you'd like us to 3D print and/or machine. This is where your design takes its first steps toward becoming a reality.

Witness the Robot Trials

During your visit, our demo robot will be hard at work, machining or 3D printing your part. You'll observe the entire process, from start to finish. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights.

Decision and Next Steps

Armed with a deep understanding of how our robotic systems can enhance your manufacturing processes, you'll be ready to make an informed decision. If you're satisfied with the trial and see the potential for robotics in your operations, we'll discuss the next steps for implementation and integration.

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