Realise your 3D Printing project with ADAONE

ADAXIS cross-platform software service AdaOne covers the entire workflow for robotic 3D printing of metals, plastics, composites, and concrete.

AdaOne revolutionizes manufacturing processes by transforming industrial robots into 3D printing machines. The cutting-edge software optimizes production, streamlines workflow, and delivers high-quality products at high speeds.

AdaOne software enables robots to print directly from CAD files. The result is an efficient manufacturing operation that can produce more products in less time, providing a competitive advantage in the market.


planar and multi planar

surface interpolation


Adaxis overview

Process calibration

AdaOne supports common robotised additive manufacturing technologies; wire arc AM, wire laser AM, laser metal deposition, pellet extrusion and fillement extrusion.

6-axis tool path planning

Unlock new path planning strategies made possible bya 6-Axis industrial robot. Print from a range of angles and surfaces without the need of support structure.

Robot simulation

Simulate robot programs and manufacturing sequences before exporting to identify and interactively fix reachability issues, collisions and singularities.

Real-time monitoring

Log and analyse process data from the robot controller, deposition head, vision inspection system and external sensors for monitoring and data logging.

Quality Assurance

Set up a digital twin of your robot environment so you can interactively explore, replay and analyse captured data to identify deviations and defects quickly

Printer fleet management

Oversee and supervise your fleet of 3D printers from any device. This facilitates seamless collaboration by allowing various users to interact with multiple machines.

Adaone Workflow

With AdaOne, every product is printed with consistent precision, minimizing errors and reducing waste. The software’s level of accuracy is unmatched by traditional manual 3D printing methods, making it the ideal choice for businesses looking to achieve high-quality products consistently. 

Capable of printing a wide range of products with ease, Adaxis software is adaptable and flexible. Controlling all axes of the robot simulltaneously allows for intricate and complex geometries to be built layer by layer. The advanced path planning features of AdaOne allows us apply our systems in a range of sectors.


open and optimise 3d model

Import your part as an industry standard STEP file or a mesh and optimise the geometry for 3D printing.

plan the manufacturing

Use the path planning engine to tailor the manufacturing, including slicing strategy, hatching patterns, process parameters and tool orientation.

Simulate, transfer and print

Adjust robot motion, adapt external axis interpolation and check for collisions before transferring the program to the robot.

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