Streamlining CAM Programming for Advanced Manufacturing with Powermill

Enhanced capabilities of Powermill simplify the process of 3 + 2 and 5 axis CAM programming, allowing manufacturers to maximise the potential for subtractive, additive and hybrid machines.

Their technology spans architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, and media and entertainment, empowering innovators everywhere to solve challenges big and small.

Integrating Powermill and industrial robots creates a sophisticated and efficient automation solution for the manufacturing industry. With full CAD/CAM control, intuitive robotic-arm control and finishing toolpaths to manage and monitor robotic motion.

PowerMILL overview

Toolpath optimisation

Powerful toolpath editing options to make global or localised changes without the need for lengthy recalculations. Choose to delete, limit, reverse, reorder, combine or divide entire toolpaths or individual segments using different selection methods.

Machining setups

Use separate machining setups to help manage how you cut parts, resulting in faster CAM programming. Set up parameters such as model location, collision checking against fixturing, output workplane and more.

High-efficiency roughing

Choose from a range of roughing strategies to remove material quickly and efficiently. Advanced options allow you to configure the toolpath to suit your specific tool type and material, helping maintain constant tool load and maximise cutter life.

Rest finishing

Get a toolpath that combines the strengths of pencil finishing, corner finishing and rest-boundaries to accurately identify and efficiently remove un-machined stock from previous operations or cutting tools.



Automate complex milling tasks with precision and flexibility, utilizing advanced toolpaths for optimal results.

pick & place

Enhance assembly lines with swift and accurate pick and place operations, driven by intelligent automation.


Leverage powerful CAD tools to design and prepare models for seamless integration into automated workflows.

from cad to reality

setting up cad file

Powermill is engineered to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of CAD formats. After importing, define your material and fixturing with precision, the software streamlines workpiece setup, eliminating potential sources of error and saving valuable time in the machining process. 

generate and visualize toolpaths 

Powermill generates toolpaths with exceptional ease, optimizing tool selection, cutting strategies, and machining sequences.

Detailed 3D visualizations provide a virtual preview of the machining process, allowing you to identify and rectify any potential issues, collisions, or inefficiencies.

Simulating & Managing Kinematics

Handle singularities, collisions, reach zone limits and control redundant axes movement with dedicated tools. 

Sprutcam X Robot offers advanced simulation capabilities that include the full robotic cell simulation with the utilziation of imported models such as robots, tables, end effectors, fixtures and guarding to enable precise control.

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