Precision Control with SprutCAM X Robot: Streamlining Robotic Operations

We are proud to be an official reseller and support provider for SprutCAM X Robot, a solution tailored for industrial robot operations in a variety of applications, ensuring our clients have access to the best tools for enhancing their robotic systems. Sprutcam X Robot is an all-in-one CAD/CAM software that is easy to learn, without the need for an on-site robot programming expert, allowing the user to work in a single interface for programming and simulation, and output code for use in real robotic applications.

Our choice to incorporate SprutCAM X Robot into our systems stems from its ability to streamline the programming process, reduce setup time, and enhance the overall efficiency of robotic milling operations. The software’s comprehensive simulation capabilities allow for the elimination of potential issues before they impact production, ensuring a smoother workflow and higher quality outputs.



Streamline milling operations with precise toolpath generation, improving material usage and operational efficiency.


Bring artistic visions to life with advanced capabilities, delivering intricate details and exceptional finishes.

pick & place

Optimize automation with efficient pick and place functionality, ensuring speed, accuracy, and reliability

sprutcam x robot features

UNIFIED Interface

With a single technology solution, programming both CNC machines and industrial robots becomes effortless. 

Advanced Robot Programming

The software has a range of advanced programming tools and features that allow you to customize robot paths with ease.

Integration with CAD Software

Integrates with other CAD software, such as SolidWorks and AutoCAD, to provide a complete end-to-end manufacturing solution. 


It is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses that want to improve their production processes.

Real-Time Simulation

With built-in real-time simulation features that allow you to test robot movements and detect potential collisions before they occur. 

Advanced Fabrication

Go beyond traditional simple applications, with enhanced milling, multiaxis cutting, additive and hybrid manufacturing technologies.

offline robot program workflow


Design parts with integrated CAD tools within the software or import 3D models from external sources. This step is designed to be straight forward, making it accessible for users of all skill levels to start their project.

Use the advanced CAM software to generate optimal tool paths customized for robots. It supports simultaneous control of a robot and an unlimited number of linear and rotary positioning axes.

Simulating & Managing Kinematics

Handle singularities, collisions, reach zone limits and control redundant axes movement with dedicated tools. 

Sprutcam X Robot offers advanced simulation capabilities that include the full robotic cell simulation with the utilziation of imported models such as robots, tables, end effectors, fixtures and guarding to enable precise control.


Sprutcam X Robot enables users to thoroughly examine and validate postprocessed control programs prior to launch. This feature ensures your robot program is optimized, reliable and ready for deployment.

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