Don't reinvent the wheel, print it

CNC Robotics is introducing a new product to the market, the Paste-Pro. The system is an integration of a KUKA industrial robot, 2KM extruder and SIKA polyurethane paste material. The Paste-Pro offers an alternative to conventional construction methods with tooling board or modelling board, allowing users to print polyurethane paste at large scale to create molds, prototypes and complex components at a fraction of the cost and material usage. 

Using familiar polyurethane paste material, manufacturers can easily transition into additive manufacturing, with known material properties, the transition from subtractive to additive has never been easier.

Reduce excessive material waste and time consuming assembly of tooling boards with our robust, 6-axis additive manufacturing system. Capable of printing complex, hollow and lightweight parts, the Paste-Pro is allowing composite manufacturers to become more sustainable in aid of future proofing their businesses.

The System

Familiar Material, new capabilities

Leverage the material you know to open up a world of new manufacturing possibilities

Accelerate production

Save time with large format 3D printing, meaning no bonding and less milling efforts

Reduce material usage

Print near net shapes as well as creating lightweight and hollow parts

enhanced surface

Create end use parts in one single piece, without witness or bond lines, for a smoother finish

What's included

industrial robots

Industrial Robot

Each robot has its own characteristics and technologies. The most important of these are the range of motion and the maximum load capacity, which sets the limits of the machine’s capability. These elements allow you to choose the most suitable industrial robot. 

3d printing polyurethane paste extruder


The 2KM extruder is designed to draw polyurethane paste from the supplied containers and apply the materials on a constant feed basis, right up to the printing head, by a single operator. Each vessel is fitted with a heating jacket, level probe and air operated inlet valve.

3d printing software


Advanced additive manufacturing software makes it possible to program and control robotic arms as large scale 3D printers. With AdaOne, every aspect from design to finished part is covered, including; part optimization, path planning, robotic simulation and process monitoring.

industrial robot guarding


The system comes with CNC Robotics tested guarding, which has been through strict risk assessments, safety standards and regulations. Doors are fitted with interlocks, whilst the guarding contains internal and external e-stops.

The Material

SikaBiresin® MC80 polyurethane paste is used for additive maunufacturing. With the help of CAD data, a near-net shape and dimensionally stable 3D polyurethane pre-model is built directly. The finished model is created by CNC milling with the highest precision and surface quality. The Paste-Pro is a sustainable solution, offering significant material and cost savings by eliminating the bonding effort from conventional block bonding, reduces milling times and additionally, the models are created without bonding joints, which improves the quality of their design.


prototyping and model making

Paste Pro allows you to create prototypes and models with complex geometries that are difficult or impossible to achieve through conventional subtractive methods or manual assembly of tooling board pieces. The reduction in production process steps, due to the Paste Pro, shortens product development times giving you more time to test and perfect your model. 

custom moulds

Accelerate mold production with Paste Pro, enabling you to transition quickly from design to production. This rapid turnaround is particularly advantageous for custom and limited-run projects. By optimizing material use and reducing waste, direct 3D printing of molds contributes to more sustainable manufacturing practices. This efficiency is particularly relevant for industries aiming to minimize their environmental footprint.

complex components

Paste Pro enables you to print components with complex internal geometries, undercuts, non-planar angles and channels that were previously challenging to produce. 



The Paste-Pro allows for the production of lightweight and structurally optimized components for aerospace applications where precision and complexity are paramount. The system accelerates your development process, enabling the rapid iteration of designs and the production of prototypes.


Paste-Pro facilitates the creation of customized interiors and optimized parts, enhancing performance and personalization options for manufacturers and designers. The 3D printing system also reduces the time and expense associated with developing prototype parts, allowing for quicker iterations and testing.


The Paste-Pro enables the production of custom moulds for unique marine components, including hulls, decks, and interior features, allowing for greater design flexibility and customization. The system eliminates steps in the mold-making process, significantly reducing lead times for the production of composite parts.


Paste-Pro marks a significant advancement for the motorsports industry, particularly in the sector's pursuit of performance optimization, lightweight structures, and rapid development cycles. The reduction in waste and more efficient use of materials contribute to greener manufacturing practices, aligning with the motorsports industry's growing emphasis on sustainability.

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