Automate the operation of industrial machine tools in manufacturing plants

A bespoke automated system transforms businesses, it will also save both time and money. This is where our expertise lies as robotic integrators,  we specialise in understanding and integrating complex technologies to create systems that excel in a variety of applications. Our bespoke systems are as versatile as the challenges they solve, we adapt our systems to unique processes, ensuring that no matter how unconventional or specific your requirements, we can engineer a solution that fits.

Our special automated solutions enable manufacturers to run industrial machine tools autonomously, therefore unlocking manufacturing output cost-effectively. Machine tending automates the operation of industrial machine tools in manufacturing plants. The integration of the various machines, together with the programming and installation enables manufacturers to get the most out of their machinery.

The System

Streamline Processes

Optimize process flow, cut cycle durations and minimize manual intervention.

integrate exisitng systems

Designed for compatibility, our purpose built machines are tailored to suit your specific process.


Delivers consistent and accurate performance, with capabilities to handle intricate and complex tasks.

Bespoke configuration

With an array of specialized end-effectors, we enable precise customization for a wide range of applications.

What's included

industrial robots


Each robot has its own characteristics and technologies. The most important of these are the range of motion and the maximum load capacity, which sets the limits of the machine’s capability. These elements allow you to choose the most suitable industrial robot. 


Utilizing our broad experience in robotics, we develop bespoke applications for projects where conventional machine tools are unable to provide a cost-effective solution. In the past this has included various grippers, laser systems and tools capable of cutting large ice blocks.


Programming anything other than simple movements used to be a major hurdle. However, this is now much easier, thanks to our software partners Autodesk and SprutCam. Giving you the ability to develop a wide range of toolpath strategies directly from CAD models, together with options to simulate and optimise the program on the computer. 


Our robotic systems always  comes with suitable guarding, which have been through strict risk assessments, safety standards and design regulations. With special projects, a more bespoke safety cell can be developed depending on the working envelope and environment.


Laser Cladding

Add coatings to parts or use for component repair. Realize the cladding of shaft, curved and special shaped surfaces.

Machine tending

Machine Tending Robots can relieve qualified Operators and Programmers from loading/unloading operations. Robotic Automation enables Industrial Machines to operate without human intervention, running unmanned over a whole shift or overnight, tirelessly and consistently.

Pick and place

Picking up workpieces, positioning them and setting them down – pick and place is one of the most common robotic applications in manufacturing in Industry 4.0. Flexible industrial robots from KUKA with payloads of up to 100 kg take on these often monotonous and repetitive tasks with top precision and maximum speed.


The system engages in intelligent path planning, examining an object's surface to guarantee comprehensive data capture for the creation of an accurate 3D model. This functionality proves particularly beneficial when scanning diverse sets of objects with varying shapes and sizes.

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