Entry level, standardised cell for 3d printing

Introducing the KUKA AM Cell, aimed specifically at the academic sector, for schools, universities and company training facilities, through which students can learn the basics of automated polymer, 3D printing.

This standardized cell efficiently packages the KUKA KR AGILUS, Ai Build’s additive manufacturing software AiSync, a DYZE typhoon extruder head and periphery. The AM Cell has been efficiently and cost effectively integrated  to support the optimal delivery of advanced training methods in additive manufacturing principles.

The AM Cell will take the delivery of 3D printing in academia to another level which, typically, has been utilizing computer-aided design (CAD) information to print products via a 3D printer. Technology packages such as the AM Cell allows for much larger scale projects to be delivered, synergies between creativity and technology to be realised, prototypes can be accelerated and adaptable and scalable processes can be developed for industry.

The system will give students the capability to start manufacturing their own products and prototypes whilst institutions save costs on tooling, maintenance and development. Maximize the degrees of freedom in the additive manufacturing, plastic extrusion process, using a preconfigured robot and software to suit individual requirements with small print areas.

The System


Features an easy-to-navigate control panel, making it ideal for those new to robotics


Handles a wide range of tasks, from simple to complex printing, with ease and efficiency.


Features a space-efficient, mobile setup, ideal for environments where space is limited.

and play

Delivered preconfigured, ensuring a seamless setup and user-friendly experience right from the start.

What's included


With a payload capacity of 4 kilograms and a reach of 600 mm, the compact KUKA KR AGILUS performs a wide variety of tasks with particularly low service and maintenance requirements. 


The Typhoon Extruder is a high flow and fast print all-in-one extruder 3D printing head.  This print head is designed to extrude up to 2.85mm filament  and is capable of outputting a flow around 200mm³/s (0.9 kg/h). This means quicker print at a high deposit rate.


Ai Build has focused on the development of it’s AiSync software that enables the fast, precise and repeatable delivery of highly efficient toolpaths using KUKA robots. Machine learning and artificial intelligence gives users accurate and stronger parts.

KUKA AM Cell for entry level 3d printing


Enclosed in a safe and transparent cell, users can closely monitor the additive manufacturing process in real-time, maintaining high operational safety standards without compromising on user interaction or oversight.



Aimed especially at academia: schools, universities and company training facilities - learn robotic programming for 3D printing of complex components, parts and structures.

Reduced Raw Material Waste

Traditional manufacturing methods often involve subtracting material from larger workpieces. In contrast, additive manufacturing enables components to be built layer by layer, using only the material needed for the final product. By minimising waste, cost savings can be applied to other areas.


The cell is well-suited for producing customised and low-volume, high-value parts, making it economically viable for one-off or small-batch production runs.


The AM Cell reduces the time required to create prototypes. By facilitating faster prototyping, it allows for quicker validation of design concepts, enabling teams to iterate and refine products.

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