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  • Maintenance

    CNC Robotics provide robot maintenance, repairs & service for KUKA industrial robots and machines. Automation & robotic systems maintenance.

  • Training

    Robotics Courses UK - Our robotics training courses combine classroom training, practical exercises, state-of-the-art robotic systems & latest technology.

  • System upgrades

    CNC Robotics offers a range of standard extras that can be added to its robot systems to increase capability and productivity.

  • Consultancy

    Robotic Integration Consultants developing robotic automated systems to meet exact requirements. Call CNC for robotic intergration solutions.

  • Robotic systems

    Robotic systems - robotic system integration for projects where conventional tools are unable to provide a cost-effective solution.

  • Finishing operations

    Robots can be used to undertake a variety of finishing operations, including robot trimming, polishing and robotic deburring.

  • Robot milling and sculpting

    CNC Robotics had its origins in the use of robots to produce models and sculptures for theatre and also film sets.

  • What does a 130% capital allowance for companies mean?

    A capital allowance is where businesses claim back investments against their taxable profits. What does a 130% capital allowance for companies mean?

  • Robots for machining – Automation is only as effective as the people who design it

    While technology and our ability to exploit it to its full potential are as important as ever, people remain the heart and soul.

  • Robots for machining – The importance of technology champions for smaller manufacturers

    Robotic machining cells are becomingly an increasingly popular option for manufacturers regardless of their size and sector.

  • Finding strength in numbers – are clusters the future for advanced manufacturing?

    Increasing similar companies based in an area drives the direction and pace of innovation, creating future growth and stimulates new businesses.

  • Can robots really replace traditional tools?

    Those who invest in technology see the benefits that automation can bring, but overall they remain a small proportion of the total of UK manufacturers.

  • Do we ignore innovation or get ahead and shape it?

    The rise of robots and automation technology is changing every aspect of our lives and soon will transform all sectors from agriculture to healthcare.

  • Is technology the game changer for the housing crisis?

    Many construction workers are retiring and younger people are not entering the trade in enough numbers to meet demand, which leaves the housebuilding industry facing a certain skills crisis in the next decade.

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