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Consultancy – Consult with our R&D specialists

A bespoke automated system transforms businesses, it will also save both time and money. This is where our expertise lies as robotic integration consultants. We are an award-winning team and a world-class leader in designing bespoke solutions. Furthermore, we specialise in making the impossible, possible!

CNC Robotics develop automated systems to meet the exact requirements of clients that perfectly suit their business needs.

We are also experts in creating robotic solutions for any size of company, from small changes in existing production lines to implementing a complex fully automated robotic system across a large factory. In addition, we have the skills, capability and expertise to support client needs.

What we do:

robotic integrator

Manufacturing process assessment
Reviewing your production environment

to increase efficiencies and productivity.

robotic integrator

Automation audit
Review your existing systems, our experts work

closely with you to identify key areas for improvement.

robotic integrator

Project design and scoping
Design solutions that integrate and provide plans for growth.
Can act as advisers to existing projects to ensure best in class.

robotic integrator

External R&D team
Give us your production challenge to solve. Our expert

team have wide sector knowledge and experience.

For robotic system integration solutions made for you, call 0151 523 8009

How do we do it?

We listen to what your challenges are

We listen to what your objective are

We research and design solutions

We give you expert advice as well as guidance

In addition, we undertake a review and feasibility study to establish how automation can help your business. We also look at your current processes and what you want to achieve and discuss ways to increase productivity and efficiencies.

Project delivery

Our highly qualified team will then design a robotic system to suit your specific requirements. By acting as your external R&D team, we solve production challenges and also often invent new processes for your output. In conclusion, this strategic approach is what makes us the UK’s market leader in bespoke automation solutions.

How can we help today?


    If you are looking for manufacturing consultants for existing or future projects, then get in touch with us today.

    robotic integrator
    0151 523 8009

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