Industrial robot maintenance and service

Maintenance, service and repairs for industrial robots

Like all manufacturing equipment, industrial robots and robot systems need planned maintenance to reduce unscheduled repairs. As a result, you prevent failures that cause slowdowns or shutdowns and also maximise output. Furthermore, when robots don’t have regular maintenance checks, performance and consistency suffer on the production line. In worst cases, parts break and cause a shutdown of production.

CNC Robotics specialises in providing its customers with the services required to keep their robots and also associated automation equipment running at optimum efficiency. Furthermore, a range of annual service options are offered, all at affordable prices, to minimise unplanned downtime. These can include a risk assessment to evaluate and assess your system and then create a spare-parts inventory.

In addition, we have a dedicated team of highly-trained KUKA robot specialists and engineers to support our customers when repairs are required. The team can rapidly resolve many issues by using our stocks of replacement parts, therefore minimising delays in shipping new components.

What do we offer?

robotic integrator

Preventative maintenance
A range of annual service contracts available for new and also existing customers

robotic integrator

We rapidly resolve current technical issues for new and existing customers

robotic integrator

Emergency service
We quickly resolve current technical issues for new and also existing customers

robotic integrator

Risk assessment
We evaluate and assess your system and create a spare parts inventory

robotic integrator

Technical support
We have a dedicated team of robot specialists and engineers who support you

robotic integrator

Replacement parts
We organise for replacement parts to be shipped as priority

For robotic system integration solutions made for you, call 0151 523 8009

How do we do it?

We have a team of technical experts who are on hand to assist with any query that our customers have. Continuous training and sector specialisms means that the the CNC Robotics team are the UK leaders in rapid repairs, and also preventative maintenance.


We continue to seek innovative ways to assist clients and therefore will soon launch our latest analytical software – CNCR-Live. Integrating real time diagnostic technology allows us to analyse the ongoing performance of systems remotely. We can predict when maintenance is required and thereby preventing failures in the production processes which can cause slowness or a shutdown. Having the facility to plan preventative maintenance and also intervene accordingly has allowed us to offer an even higher level of service to our clients and keeps their machines working at full capacity and high productivity.

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