System upgrades

CNC Robotics offers a range of standard extras that can be added to its robot systems to increase capability and productivity. For more complex challenges, the company offers a full design and development service to produce solutions ranging from customised work-holding up to completely bespoke systems.

Increased file capacity

Machining bigger parts containing areas of intricate detail will often result in complex tool paths with large file sizes that can be above the capacity of the system. Splitting the toolpaths into shorter sections that can be drip-fed to the robot control adds to programming times and limits the time that the system can run unsupervised. Software options from CNC Robotics can overcome the problem by providing increased tool-path capacity allowing much larger files to be processed in one operation.

External axis retro-fit kits

When upgrading an existing robot, there is often a need to increase its capabilities with additional axis options. CNC Robotics is a leader in providing external rotary-axis solutions for KUKA industrial Robots. Whether the unit is already a six- or seven-axis robot, additional axis options can be provided. Only use motor gear units from KUKA are used to maintain quality and consistency of operation.

Vacuum matrix tables

As part of its workholding service, CNC Robotics can offer a unique vacuum matrix clamping system. This is based on a 10ft x 5ft matrix bed, within which the vacuum clamping can be adjusted locally to fit the requirements of the component. The kits are easily integrated within any new milling installation or can be added alongside an existing system. In the latter case, consideration will need to be given to current guarding and functionality.

Tool cribs

CNC Robotics milling systems come equipped with a tool crib capable of holding eight tools. However, the KUKA system is capable of storing data for up to 16 individual tools. Adding a second tool crib gives increased flexibility to the system, allowing complex projects to be programmed with the optimum tooling in all areas. For companies undertaking mainly one-off jobs, the extra capacity reduces the need to change the tools in the crib between projects so minimising downtime.

Milling retro-fit kits

Milling kits from CNC Robotics provide all the equipment needed to convert an existing robot for machining applications. The kit includes the spindle, mounting plate, cabling and control cabinet as well as an option to add onsite commissioning.

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