What we do

CNC Robotics uses robots and associated technology to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to manufacturing problems

We bring a creative and focused approach

Working with our customers as their external R&D team, we bring a creative, collaborative and focused approach to every project, always aiming to give our clients a competitive edge over their competitors. Our broad experience across a variety of processes and applications allows us to solve many production issues quickly and efficiently. We specialise in tackling the most demanding challenges, often inventing new bespoke processes that use robots in novel ways. Our focus on continuous improvement and our passion for innovation keep our people and products, and, therefore, our customers, at the leading edge of technology.

How do we do it?

Every CNC Robotics project starts with a review of the customer’s current processes and a feasibility study to establish how automation can help their business

We focus on what you want to achieve, listen to what your challenges are, identify key areas for improvement, and discuss ways to increase productivity and efficiency. Our expert team acts as an external R&D capability, using its wide sector knowledge and applications experience to give expert advice and guidance.

The aim is to transform the business by offering ways to save time and money compared to existing processes and to open new opportunities by broadening the customer’s capabilities. We are experts in creating solutions for any size of company, whether they need changes in existing production methods or they want to implement a complex, fully-automated system across a large factory. In all cases, we use our skills, capability and expertise to develop automated systems that meet the exact requirements of the client and that perfectly suit their business needs. Our experts work closely with each customer to design solutions that solve their problems, integrate with existing facilities and capabilities, and provide opportunities for growth.

For robotic system integration solutions made for you, call 0151 523 8009

Pioneering the use of industrial robots as an alternative to traditional machine tools. Therefore, improving the productivity of manufacturing businesses and organisations cost, effectively.

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