University of Liverpool acquired a cutting-edge KUKA robot system,  part of CNC Robotics’ Milling Series. This strategic investment has not only propelled the university to the forefront of technological innovation but has also provided a platform for inspiring and advancing the next generation of engineers.

The University of Liverpool is a global institution whose strategy is to be at the forefront of research, scholarship and knowledge leadership. Their aim is to be among the top 100 universities in the world. To support that vision, their strategic plan has been to undertake research that genuinely changes lives for the better and invest in facilities to support both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The University of Liverpool approached CNC Robotics to design and develop two robotics systems to support their work in two departments: Laser Development Lab for the cutting of lasers and Mechanical Engineering Department for the carbon fibre tooling production and prototyping production. The researchers were undertaking studies into carbon fibre tooling and prototyping in their goal to produce a 100 mph monocoque bike to break the land speed record without assistance. They needed to install new technology and equipment that would support their research.

The process of building a carbon fibre monocoque is quite long and requires excellent preparation. It can take time to complete the entire process with traditional tools. The two robotic systems that CNC Robotics designed allowed for the carbon fibre to be machined into the exact representation of what the final bike chassis would look like with ease.


Jason Barker   

CNC Robotics