Small KUKA robots with large appetites

KUKA Industrial Robots – what comes to your mind when you hear these words? Innovative automated robots suitable for a wide range of applications? Then you’d be correct.

But do they have to be large size industrial robots? No, they can be small, compact machines for versatile industry applications. The adage, ‘good things come in small packages,’ is certainly true when applied to small KUKA Robots and these systems accomplish astonishing feats. CNC Robotics Ltd are robotic specialists and we collaborate with KUKA to help provide your business with an efficient automated solution. Could a small KUKA Robot be right for your business?

Same technology, different applications

Despite its diminutive size, these robots can do amazing things with great speed and accuracy. These small machines benefit from identical KUKA Robotic technology. Take for example the KR 3 AGILUS, which can operate effectively in limited 600mm x 600mm spaces. That’s quite amazing. It is designed to work with the small component parts and products. How can you utilise it? This robot is perfect for assembling, soldering, packaging, bonding, picking and placing, testing, in addition to many other functions. This portable robot is incredibly fast and once programmed, will get the job done in double-quick time. What else can smallKUKA Robots accomplish?

Cleanrooms and hygienic applications

The KR 6 AGILUS is a very versatile small KUKA Robot and it is especially suitable for cleanrooms and hygienic applications. These can either be installed on the floor, the wall, or even fixed to the ceiling, depending on your requirements. As with all our robots, it carries out precise technical procedures to exacting standards. What environments can it function in? Whether you need it to work in clean or dirty conditions, or even in wet settings, we guarantee that this robot will perform to the highest level possible. What about maintenance schedules and downtime? It has a lifetime lubrication system built inside it, which means it never requires lubricating. As for any maintenance programs, these are kept to a minimum due to its superior design. With our small size KUKA Robots, you will experience a level of continuous productivity that was previously thought impossible.

Outdoor applications

Is it possible for these little robots to be used in outdoor settings? Yes, it is. Take for example the KR 10 R1100 AGILUS. How can it work effectively in extreme outdoor production conditions? It is designed and built using waterproof materials. Instead of plastic parts, stainless steel covers have been used for greater durability. This robot won’t rust and can perform well in a machine tool environment. It has a higher IP rating of 67, which is a fantastic level of protection. These are just three examples of many small KUKA Robots that we can provide for your business.

“The versatility of these small KUKA robots make them ideal for many different applications. If you’re looking to improve your company’s efficiency, production rate and bottom line, then look no further.”

Jason Barker    CNC Robotics

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