Push the boundaries of AM engineering

We have partnered with AiBuild to offer a full turnkey industrial additive manufacturing solution. Developed for real world applications in automotive, aerospace, marine, energy and construction, AiSync™ additive manufacturing software accelerates and automates the creation of even the most advanced, multi-axis builds via an intuitive UI.

AiSync™ clients report 86% faster toolpath generation, reducing the number of failed builds by 65%, improving the strength of parts by 3 times, and providing an overall efficiency gain of 90% in build time.

Ai Sync was developed to combat high failures in 3D printing and adoption of 3D printing in businesses. The software enables quicker adoption of 3D printing at large scale and gives the end user a platform to prepare tool paths, control robots and understand efficiency of production.

Ai Build - automated 3d printing software


Non Planar Toolpaths

Multi-planar Toolpaths

Segmented Toolpaths

Ai Sync overview

Enhancing the accuracy and quality of each print, AiSync™ has intelligent capabilities built-in including build simulation, collision and error detection, ensuring high quality manufactured parts. Optimised material usage, leads to reductions in material costs and part weight, whilst maximising output. The cloud-based platform offers flexibility to manufacture parts locally or remotely through real-time connectivity. Machines can be monitored and controlled in another location, whether in the same building or another continent.


Fully parametric reusable toolpaths, nonplanar, multiplanar, segmented slicing strategies.


Unlock new path planning strategies made possible bya 6-Axis industrial robot. Print from a range of angles and surfaces without the need of support structure.


Supports typical design file formats (OBJ, STEP, STL, 3MF, GLTF).


Set up a digital twin of your robot environment so you can interactively explore, replay and analyse captured data to identify deviations and defects quickly

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