Tecni-form have been producing world-class excellence in rotomoulding for over 40 years. They specialise in the production of plastic components using rotational moulding and RIM for a wide range of industry sectors globally including automotive, healthcare, furniture and marine to name just a few.

As specialists in both roto moulding and RIM, tecni-form already had a highly versatile method for making precise, stress- and seam-free plastic components at comparatively low cost for their clients. However, due to the increase in demand from clients, they were looking to invest in new tools to ensure they were the market leaders in providing top of the range quality at competitive prices.


CNC Robotics created a cost effective solution for tecni-form that was half the price of the traditional machining solutions they were considering. This significant saving allowed Tecni-Form to produce the same quality as a standard machine tool, but at half the cost allowing for additional investment elsewhere within the company. Robots are more tolerant of harsher working environments than many traditional machine tools and routers. Robots are less susceptible to variations in temperature, atmosphere, humidity, dust and liquids, which make them a more reliable solution in a heavy manufacturing environment.

Introducing a multi-axis robot within the manufacturing process has allowed tecni-form to machine mouldings rapidly whilst coping with more complex shapes. Their clients are placing greater demands on techni-form and they are able to meet and exceed the challenge in terms of accuracy and speed.

Embedding the latest manufacturing techniques allows tecni-form to remain competitive on price and remain an industry leader. The highly efficient moulding undertaken by the multi-axis robot ensures consistency of product and to accurately control the costs of each project.