RCA team who where trained by CNC Robotics

the importance of ongoing robot operator training

CNC Robotics work across industries and love being involved with and hearing about the interesting and varied ways in which robots are gathering pace in Education and the Creative industries.

CNC Robotics work frequently across the education and creative industries, training young engineers and artists the skills required to operate an industrial robot. 

We are fortunate to work directly with the Royal College of Art (RCA) who continue to be at the leading edge of design and is recognised worldwide for its design innovation. The RCA provides specialist facilities that are among the best of their kind in the world, including cutting-edge technology. The RCA’s academic vision is to transform the accepted paradigm of an art and design university, by injecting key scientific disciplines into the mix of creative disciplines traditionally on offer and has introduced exciting and provocative new programmes such as Environmental Architecture and Digital Direction; with future programmes centred on nano and soft robotics, computer science and machine learning, materials science and the circular economy.  

The Technical Services Department at the Royal College of Art RCA provides students with access to the latest tools and techniques to support their research projects. In 2018 the RCA commissioned CNC Robotics to design and install a 7-axis robotic system incorporating a rotary table with an electro-spindle for drilling and milling. In addition, a vertical wall-mounted frame was incorporated to allow for wider scope and range to maximise the potential types of products and models the students designed.

The team at the Royal College of Art are proud of what they have achieved using the robot and have developed a high level of competency. 

CNC Robotics believe in using real life environments and hosted several members of the RCA’s technical services department to spend some time at their site in Aintree within the Liverpool City Region.  Liverpool was granted World Heritage status from UNESCO in July 2004 putting it alongside world famous attractions such as the Taj Mahal and Great Wall of China and provides an ideal place for inspiration.

The training was led by Jason Barker, CNC Robotics Founder and CTO, who is, what some would call, an industry veteran with knowledge of a wide range of robot systems and programming methods and personalised the course to the individual needs of the attendees. Providing further training to enable them to perform advanced operations of the robotic machining cell including drilling paths, angled holes, pockets, windows and contouring.

 “Thanks to CNCR for the training which has had positive effects on our professional development, positive effects on building bonds with our stakeholders and has helped to develop the team’s ambitions and ethos within the Educational Sector”.  Steve Bunn RCA, Senior Technician, Royal College of Art.


Full case study on The RCA HERE.

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