robot trimming

Case studies

  • Robot cell from CNC Robotics used by Autodesk for 3D printing of boat hull

    Robot cell installed by CNC Robotics at Autodesk’s Advanced Design and Manufacturing Facility was used to manufacture a hull for a boat.

  • Machine-tending robot

    The addition of a machine-tending system from CNC Robotics has allowed a manufacturer of specialist optical equipment to triple production from its latest Mazak Integrex machine.

  • ASCO Engineering and Surface Technology

    The installation of cutting-edge technology supplied by CNC Robotics at ASCO Engineering and Surface Technology means that the company can now offer a wider range of machining, coating and repair processes.

  • Odyssey Studios

    Odyssey Studios has transformed itself from a traditional props maker to a global reaching, digitized company thanks to an automated robotic system from CNC Robotics and KUKA.

  • Temporary Storage Company

    The Temporary Storage Company contacted CNC Robotics with the intention of finding a solution to meet their specific manufacturing challenges.

  • University of Liverpool

    The University of Liverpool needed two robotics systems to support their work in their Laser Development Lab and their Mechanical Engineering Department.

  • Vitec Group

    The Vitec Group develop groundbreaking new tripod products and were seeking a turnkey automated system to deliver a complex process of carbon fibre braiding, moulding and machining.

  • Foster & Partners

    Foster and Partners have an appetite for research and discovery and required an in-house automated robotic system to undertake detailed model making.

  • Vitmar Yachts

    Vitmar yachts are built with exceptional design, Italian flair and hand built interiors, CNC Robotics provided a robotic system to aid plug manufacturing.

  • Design Ice

    The Design Ice team use specially made cutting equipment, CNC Robotics supplied a 6-axis KUKA robot that works effectively in harsh sub-zero temperatures

  • Royal College of Art

    3D printing and robotics offer significant advantages to the creative industries, CNC Robotics designed and installed a 7-axis robotic system incorporating a rotary table with an electro-spindle for drilling and milling.

  • Complete Composites

    Complete Composites were seeking a competitive solution to machine large wind turbine parts and composites, CNC Robotics supplied a 7-axis KUKA robotic arm.

  • Tecni-Form

    CNC Robotics created a cost effective solution for Tecni-form that was half the price of the traditional machining solutions they were considering.

  • Carbolite Gero

    Carbolite Gero is a leading manufacturer of high temperature furnaces and ovens with a focus on vacuum special atmosphere technology, We developed a robotic cell with a turntable loading system.

  • CTruk

    CTruk specialises in composite vessels for marine and wind farm sectors, CNC designed a bespoke trimming and milling 6-axis robotic arm and track.

  • Linecross Group

    Linecross Group invest in technology for technically enhanced and lighter weight components, CNC Robotics enhanced and refurbished their existing equipment.

  • Plastics 4 Performance

    CNC Robotics installed a 7-axis robotic system to replace the all-manual process that Plastics 4 Performance had previously undertaken in their workshop.

  • Paragon Creative

    Paragon provide some of the best of its kind solutions, they had been working with smaller machine tools and the demand from their clients was for bigger set pieces.

  • BGI Supplies

    BGI Supplies produce large-scale appearance props, models and sculpted forms and needed to enhance their concept to completion service with an automated solution.

  • JH May

    CNC Robotics provided a robot that would allow JH May to expand further into the display model arena. The robot has 7 axis of motion, allowing any shape to be machined from a fixed position.

  • Merlin Magic Making

    CNC Robotics worked with Merlin Magic Making to produce a fully integrated automated system using the PowerMill software tool allowing totally flexibility.

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